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Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK allows you to play as a midnight zookeeper fighting mutated creatures. Fully immerse yourself in an extremely thrilling horror experience with updated features such as unlocked new levels, ads-free gaming, and advanced scanning technology. Solve puzzles, discover dark mysteries, and keep the zoo safe from a horrible virus.
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • New Creepy Horror
  • Ads-Free


Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK offers a broad range of premium features that improve your gameplay. You can fully immerse yourself in the interesting storyline and thrilling adventure with the help of unlocked premium features, new levels, and ads-free experiences. Fully engage with the enhanced puzzle-solving mechanics, encounter an extensive variety of mutated animals, and explore additional levels of the dark and creepy story.

The Zoochosis Bodycam Horror makes all of your missions to save the zoo’s creatures more exciting and difficult than ever before. It provides an immersive gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can freely download the updated version of Zoochosis from APK Abc Store for free of cost.

Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK New Creepy

Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK Premium Features

The latest version of Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game offers an extensive collection of premium features to improve the overall gaming experience.

  • Enhanced Bodycam Experience:

Fully immerse yourself with a first-person perspective (FPP) that catches every horrific detail of the zoo’s dark transition.

  • Unlocked All Levels and Content:

You can freely access premium levels and additional content that is not accessible in the standard version, improving your gameplay experience.

  • Unlimited Resources:

Gain free access to unlimited in-game resources, empowering you to fully focus on the horror and survival factors without fear of running out of supplies.

  • Premium Weapons and Tools:

With the help of this feature, you can easily equip yourself with more advanced weapons and tools. This feature provides you an additional edge in battling the mutant creatures.

Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK New Creepy

  • Ads-Free Gameplay:

You can fully enjoy an uninterrupted horror experience without any annoying ads to disturb the immersion.

  • Advanced Scanning Technology:

Freely utilize your bodycam’s advanced scanning features to identify infected animals and collect important information to discover a treatment.

  • Expanded Mutant Menagerie:

You can effortlessly encounter an extensive variety of mutated animals, each with very unique qualities and challenges, making every battle more challenging.

  • Challenging Puzzle-Solving:

Fully involve in extremely complex puzzles that test your skills and get you closer to discovering the source of the disease.

  • Enhanced Difficulty Levels:

Experience enhanced levels of difficulty that increase the horror and also challenge your survival skills.

Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK New Creepy

  • Immersive Storyline:

Freely dive deeper into the dark and twisted narrative with new story elements that add to the overall storyline.

  • Customization Options:

With the support of this function, you can easily customize your gameplay experience with several settings and premium features to modify the horror adventure according to your liking.

  • Realistic Sound Effects:

Realistic sound effects that increase the scary atmosphere will make you feel much more horrified.

  • Dynamic Lighting and Shadows:

The premium features increase the lighting and shadow effects, making an extremely immersive and visually stunning environment.

  • Offline Mode:

You can easily play the zoochosis bodycam horror game without needing a Wifi or internet connection. This feature empowers you to fully immerse yourself in the horror game anytime and anywhere.

Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK New Creepy


Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Full Game APK immerses you in a dreadful experience as a zookeeper fighting against a zoo full of mutant creatures. You have to use your bodycam to find infected animals and discover a treatment before the virus spreads. The modded version offers additional features like unlocked all levels and an ads-free experience, making the game much more exciting. In this thrilling and immersive horror game, you must solve puzzles, battle scary mutations, and learn the dark secrets behind the zoo’s disaster.



Q: What is Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK?


A: Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Game Mod APK is an advanced version of the simulation game Zoochosis horror. It offers an extensive collection of premium features such as unlocked all levels, ads-free gameplay, advanced scanning technology, and additional content to offer an extremely immersive and exciting experience.

Q: Can I play the Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Full Game APK offline?


A: Yes, the zoochosis bodycam horror full game apk also contains an offline mode that empowers you to play the simulation game without Wifi or internet connection. It also provides you with the extra flexibility to fully enjoy the horror game anytime and anywhere.

Q: Will my progress be saved in the Zoochosis Bodycam Horror APK Premium Unlocked?


A: Yes, your significant progress will be saved in the Zoochosis Bodycam Horror APK Premium Unlocked. If you want to prevent losing any progress, so make sure you save your game on a regular basis.

Q: Can I customize my character and equipment in the Zoochosis Bodycam New Creepy Horror?


A: Yes, the Zoochosis Bodycam New Creepy Horror also contains premium skins and customization options for your special character and equipment. This also empowers you to easily personalize your gaming experience.

Q: Is the Zoochosis Bodycam Horror Unlocked New Level available for all Android devices?


A: The Zoochosis Bodycam Horror is compatible with most of the Android devices. However, it is always recommended to carefully check the requirements and make sure your android device meets all of them for optimal performance.



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